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About The Zen Space:

The Zen Space is a safe & trusted online resource that shares mindfulness based perspectives, tools & self-healing services including: meditation coaching sessions & practices (1-on-1’s & group settings) personalized around what you need to improve or achieve optimal mental & spiritual health.

Updated frequently, here you will discover practical, & easy to understand articles/videos sharing evidence & science-based mindfulness strategies & techniques, guided meditation practices, information/mindful insight, & daily inspiration to help you live more mindfully, joyfully, peacefully, & free.

Become a member of our community for even more perks & provide yourself with the support & connection you deserve to help strengthen & empower you while on your life journey of personal growth & healing.

In this Covid Era, especially with the heightened states of anxiety and feelings of disregulation most people have been experiencing through it, we can greatly benefit off bringing mindfulness & a sense of community into our lives.

The zen space can be your one stop “charging station” to provide you with what you may need to feel like you again.

**Interested in learning more about meditation coaching? Think it may be something that can benefit you? Reach out to me, so we can chat!