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Affirmations for self-esteem (guided meditation)

Hello, and Welcome to this affirmation practice for self-esteem.

Growing up. If we were lucky, we got a lot of love from our parents, family, & friends. But then there were some of us who weren’t so lucky and didn’t receive that kind of love. And then in some cases, we can lose the ability altogether to know what it feels like to love, to love oneself, and just forget what it’s like to explore or to express our true potential.

During this meditation, we’re going to visit some affirmations. It’s going to reinforce our self-love, self-worth, self-esteem, self trust, and self confidence.

So go ahead. Find a comfortable seated position.

Let your arms rest on your lap.

Relax your shoulders and jaw.

Take a deep breath in and release. X2

Now I’m going to read some affirmations. Feel free to repeat them out loud or in your mind.

I accept all that I am and all my beauty; loving myself deeply.

I receive love from others who give it to me wherever I go.

I extend love to others because I love myself.

I have unique talents & gifts that I share with the world.

The harder I work to love myself, the more I am rewarded by others.

I take care of myself and make healthy choices.

Every day, I deserve success and happiness.

My thoughts are full of love.

I let go of the past and I do not worry about the future.

I live only in the moment.

I enjoy life and life loves me.

I choose happiness and all I do.

I have a positive outlook on life.

I see challenges as opportunity for growth.

I look in the mirror & I see someone I love and care about.

I take care of my emotions by feeling them and not holding them in.

I take care of my state of mind by ignoring negative information.

I take breaks when I need them.

I make meaningful connections with others to expand myself.

I trust that life is bringing me opportunities.

I meditate regularly to support my growth.

I do not need validation from others, but when I am complimented, I accept it with love.

I am a humble person.

I respect others. Therefore they respect.

I hope that these affirmations serve you well. I hope that it’s something that shows you or reminds you who you are and how valuable your life is for yourself & for others around you. You can revisit this meditation as long as you want. Whenever you need it, you can share it, too.

Take a couple of deep breaths to end this meditation.

As always, thank you for meditating with me. My name is Victor. I wish you a beautiful day.


Hi, I'm Victor Padilla, founder of Zen Space. A place where you can feel a sense of human connection, community support, and mental clarity -and not feel so alone.

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