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Everything is ENERGY…including YOU

Everything is energy…including you.

If you’ve been struggling lately to feel a sense of connection to yourself and to others, you may benefit from this weeks post — because it’s all about energy! 

The source to many of our struggles come from our energy. 

If our energy is off, or if we feel disconnected from our energy, we may notice how it affects everything and everyone around us, including ofcourse ourselves….

So then that leaves the questions as to how can we reconnect? How can we cultivate resilience from our struggles? Or better yet, what can we then do to lessen our struggles, so that we experience less of what we don’t want and more flow instead? 

We work with our energy….

“The source to many of our struggles come from our energy.”

All of it

So if you didn’t know already, everything is energy.

And it’s energy that determines our reality…

The thoughts we think, the emotions we feel, the words we speak, the movements we make, the way we look at things/other ppl— all of it — are examples of energy that affects others and how we feel about ourselves.

The way we think, feel, speak, and live also forms & shapes our reality.

So then understand that the life you are currently living is a direct reflection of where your energy is vibrating. If you’re spending most of your time vibrating at a low frequency, your life will match that. Likewise, if your frequency is more high vibes, your life will also match that.

Shift your reality

the beauty of energy though is that we have the ability to shift it. So if we don’t like how things are going in our lives, we can work on changing that. 

For instance, if you’ve ever been in a funk of any sort, or have found yourself believing a painful or limiting thought to be true, you may have then noticed how your energy shifts downward as well..right?

And then to go further, you may have experienced a time where you were feeling low & or not connected to your energy, but then someone comes around to cheer you up. They proved successful in their attempts, and then you may have noticed yet another shift in your energy there too…where your energy starts to lighten up, helping you to feel better. 

….it’s all ENERGY. And energy is constantly shifting, forming, and flowing, both naturally and through our conscious intention. 

Energy work

One powerful & effective way to work with your energy so that you feel more connected to yourself is through cultivating emotional self awareness. 

Many of us are emotionally immature. And it’s mostly because we simply don’t allow ourselves to understand our emotions. We don’t let ourselves sit with our emotions, feel our emotions, or work through our emotions. And as a result, our emotions get stuck in our bodies, which create a ripple of challenges for ourselves.

To work with your energy, to become more attuned to it, and to feel a deeper sense of connection to your life, you can start by becoming more aware of your emotional (energetic) states on a constant & daily basis…

Here’s a 6 step process to what that can look like:

  1. Acknowledging what thoughts/feelings you’re having, either by writing them down or talking them out.
  2. Recognizing what may have led you to feel or think that way.
  3. Allowing the thoughts/feelings to be there w/o judging it or yourself for having it.
  4. Remembering NOT to identify yourself with the thoughts or feelings.
  5. Being with your thoughts/feelings fully with kindness & self compassion. Breathing through your experience
  6. Then allowing your feelings/thoughts to move through you so that they can dissipate on their own…while at the same time actively focusing on something lighter, positive.

BONUS— meditation is also another form of energy work that can help create a shift for you, especially if you have been feeling disconnected or off. Try and give this practice a go and then see what shifts it can create for you. — click here

Hi, I'm Victor Padilla, founder of Zen Space. A place where you can feel a sense of human connection, community support, and mental clarity -and not feel so alone.

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  1. Thank you for this message. I think i hit a wall usually when i know someone shifted my energy without me consenting to it, and stay stuck feeling bad that I allowed it.
    Thank you