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How To Communicate With Ease: Throat Chakra Healing

How to communicate: Your throat chakra healing guide

Our voices matter. YOUR voice matters

Being able to speak up for yourself, to speak your authentic truth, & to communicate how you feel, matters in many ways.

Because it’s through our voices, that we are able to release energy that needs releasing, so that we can feel aligned, empowered, & inspired.

Yet, when our throat chakras are out of alignment/blocked, our ability to speak or communicate our raw & authentic truths is affected.

“Being able to speak up for yourself, to speak your authentic truth, & to communicate how you feel, matters in many ways.”

A classic sign of throat chakra blockage is the feeling of anxiety. And if you notice carefully, it is mostly felt in the throat area as a choking sensation, especially when it has to do with some form of communication.

So what gives? What blocks our throat chakra, anyway?

What blocks our throat chakra?

If you’re not too sure that you might have a blocked throat chakra, think back to your childhood

  • Were you criticized a lot by your parents or caretakers? 
  • Did your family encourage you to express your truth? 
  • Were your thoughts, ideas, and opinions valued? 

If you felt like you couldn’t openly express your thoughts and feelings, then it’s likely that you struggle with an unhealthy throat chakra.

How does a blocked/imbalanced throat chakra manifest itself in real life?

Signs of a blocked throat chakra

How to communicate effectively has to do with how open or balanced our throat chakras are.

Here are some signs to look out for that show you your throat chakra may be imbalanced or blocked:

  • You find it hard to express your emotions in a healthy way
  • You struggle to verbalize your thoughts
  • You feel nervous when trying to share your opinions, OR …
  • You tend to aggressively push your opinions onto others
  • You struggle a lot with miscommunication in your relationships
  • You constantly feel ignored or misunderstood by others
  • You keep a lot of secrets from others for fear of not being accepted
  • You feel anxious in conversations
  • You are shy around others
  • You find it hard to be your authentic self
  • You tend to be over-opinionated, OR …
  • You struggle to have a voice of your own
  • You feel almost paralyzed when doing public speaking
  • You often enter toxic relationships that don’t allow you to voice your thoughts and feelings without getting criticized
  • You find it difficult to be honest with yourself and others
  • Your actions go against your words
  • You have swollen lymph nodes in your neck
  • Your voice frequently cracks or sounds thin
  • You suffer from hypo or hyperthyroidism
  • You have ear problems such as premature hearing loss or infections
  • You develop regular sinus, throat or upper respiratory infections

How many of these signs can you relate to?

How to communicate with ease — the healing process

If you recognize that your throat chakra is in fact blocked, it’s okay. You can heal through this. The major key to skillfully start healing is to begin really paying attention to your thoughts, feelings, actions, and physical sensations within your body on a consistent basis. Because it’s through this act of self awareness that you can begin to empower yourself to shift & truly heal.

Often times, the reason the throat chakra becomes blocked/imbalanced is due to traumatic childhood experiences. You may have been criticized or judged in school or even verbally abused growing up. Perhaps your parents used to yell at you a lot & rarely encouraged you to express yourself, which may have left some emotional scars that you have not yet healed from.

Whatever it may be, you now have the awareness that you can heal through this.

In last weeks post, I shared 3 powerful practices to heal a blocked/imbalanced throat chakra, as well as a throat chakra healing guided meditation. In this post, I’ll continue to share a few more practical ways you can begin to heal your throat chakra right now.

Simple practical ideas to start healing your throat chakra:

**(Remembering that awareness here is key. So continuing to tune inward on a daily basis, & checking in with your mind/body so that you can catch yourself when you start to feel disempowered. This will then enable you to use your tools so that you can bring yourself back to a state of empowerment instead)**

  • Write letters (even if you do not send them.) What matters is expressing yourself by writing on paper everything you want to say to someone, good or bad.
  • If you get a text & you’re unsure what to make of it…read it aloud. Take notice on how you’re interpreting it. Before sending a text back, read it to yourself. Does it align with who you truly are at the core? Are you communicating from your heart space? Can you hold off & send the text at a later time when you can think more clearly, so that you speak from an authentic space?
  • Talk to your inner child. In writing or verbalize it aloud or even in your head.
  • Do neck exercises such as head rotation.
  • Be silent: Take a few moments a day where you are on your own, in silence.
  • Be honest! When you’re afraid to express yourself, try to at-least make an effort, and honestly say what you have to say. Just speak from your heart, and everything will be fine! Seriously. 
  • Take time to deep breathe. Breathe deeply into the back of your heart. Hold for 3 sec. Release, breathing out through the front of your heart. Give yourself this moment daily for just a few moments even.

When you heal your throat chakra, you bring yourself to a state of balance. You feel energized to be authentically you & you stop living from a place of, “what’s in it for me?”

Benefits of healing your throat chakra

Some of the benefits associated with balancing of the throat chakra are as follows:

  • It gives you the ability and confidence to express yourself freely.
  • It keeps you grounded in the present moment.
  • You become more spiritually attuned.
  • You get rid of selfish thinking and personal motives.
  • It makes you more compassionate towards others.
  • It gives you the confidence to speak your mind without fear. (Goodbye people pleasing)
  • You are able to make high impact using less words while talking.
  • It enhances creative thinking.
  • You become a good listener & feel more grounded while having conversations with others.
  • You become more confident and emotionally strong.
  • Your mind becomes more clear and sharp.
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  1. This weeks letter really hit home. I forgot what id gone through with how much I’ve over come opening my throat chakra