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The Voice in Your Head is Lying To You

So you know that voice in your head….the one that says things like—

“You can’t do it.”

“You’re not good enough.”

“You’re embarrassing, stop trying so hard.”

“You’ll never change.”

“There’s something wrong with you.”

“Just give up, you’re wasting your time.” 

…Yeah…that voice…

We ALL have that voice in our head….

But here’s what I find interesting about all of that…

Only some people LISTEN to that voice…Because there are also many people who DONT.

The Voice in Your Head

Most people give in to their inner critical voice. They listen to it…they believe it…& because of it, they suffer.

And then there are other ppl….the ppl who DONT give into their inner critic. They DONT listen to it. They DONT believe it….& it really doesn’t bother them or affect their quality of life at all..

Okay but how?

What are these people doing differently?

Why do THEY get to be free of this voice?

They get to be free of it… because they know the “secret”…or skill needed to do so

They overcome the inner voice using a skill that you too CAN learn.

And you CAN learn to not be bothered by it, too.

But the key is …. understanding that it requires a skill, and you need to learn it, and practice it.

And the beauty about that is— ANYONE can learn this skill…including, you.

And once you do, you can live a radically different life… a delicious life…that you love….

A life FREE of that voice.

Tap Into Your Truth

When you free yourself from the inner critic, you take your power back. You enhance your capacity to experience much more & well deserved peace and calm in your life.

You will begin to flow with much more ease.

You’ll find yourself being much more prezent… enjoying each moment more… enjoying the little things more, that you used to overlook or ignore.

And you’ll feel more connected to yourself, which will allow for you to discover & tap into your inner creativityyour poweryour strength, your truth (all of which, btw, has already been within you, just clouded by that voice). 

When you silence that voice…& can attune back to your body in this way…you’ll find that, like magic, you shift back into the true you— the divine, empowered, higher version of you.

Live The Life You Want

Overcoming that voice in your head… is a BIG step toward getting the life that you want…

A life of MORE PEACE.

A life with more success.

With more joy.

With more FUN!

With more love.

With LESS worry.

Less anxiety.

Less stress.

Having the ability to not be bothered by this voice in your head is the key to creating that kind of life—and so it’s just learning how to access the power within you so that you can align yourself to it….

Try Mindfulness

The practice of mindfulness is one powerful skill or secret that many people use to help with silencing the inner negative voice. (If you’re unfamiliar with mindfulness, I wrote a whole post talking about what it is, and you can find that here) In short, through my definition, mindfulness is the ability to be with & accept your prezent moment experience with full, non judgmental, loving awareness—which I feel is the ingredients needed to help see through the lies of the inner critic.

Through mindfulness, you become aware. This will help you to pay attention to what you’re thinking about & can also help you recognize that just because you’re thinking something, doesn’t make it true. Thoughts (which often stem from a collection of past experiences, beliefs, ideas we had) often exaggerate, distort, manipulate the truth— thoughts are not real…thoughts are just thoughts.

And when you can recognize thoughts for what they are….which are just thoughts, you can begin to detach yourself from overly identifying with them. This helps you to then examine your thoughts from an observers role, which helps you to see your thoughts more rationally and with less judgment. This mindful approach can help you to then shift the negative thinking into something more positive instead.

Awareness is key

Ultimately, it is our very thoughts that create our reality. And so by practicing certain skills, such as mindfulness, whenever our thoughts (or the inner critic in our head) get too loud/negative, we can become aware of what’s happening sooner, recognize what the thoughts or inner voice is saying, and shift our thought experience, if it isn’t serving us, to a more true, self serving one instead.

P.S. If you would like to learn how to reconnect back to yourself again, shut out the noise/negative voices in your head, overcome any energy/emotional blocks that may be in your way of living a life that feels truly good to you— but find that doing it alone is challenging/ feels like it’s impossible, then you may be interested in experiencing Zenergy — a brand new one-on-one (8week) meditation coaching offer I created. 

You can get more info here or go here to sign up now.

Hi, I'm Victor Padilla, founder of Zen Space. A place where you can feel a sense of human connection, community support, and mental clarity -and not feel so alone.

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2 Replies

  1. I love this article and message this week Victor! Up until recently I never considered myself an artist, despite all the art I am constantly creating. When I began screen printing 5 years ago, I didn’t even consider what I was doing art. I listened so much to that little voice that compared myself to others and doubted myself in that role. But now, because of training myself to ignore that voice, I am owning the title of artist and can fully step into that role, allowing myself top excel beyond what I was previously capable. This weekend I just went with Dave to a supply house and bought all the necessary supplies to begin to learn to tattoo, which is something I have always loved, (clearly) but never saw myself doing because I didn’t think my art could compare to others that practiced that art form. I think this move is the right one and will allow me to make art in a more sellable way and really expand myself as an artist creating abundance for me and feeling validation in my work. Thanks again for the read!

    • Appreciate you for sharing your thoughts on this weeks post. I’m glad you decided to push past that inner critical voice because look where it brought you. And it allowed for us to cross paths!! Haha. And I’m stoked to hear that you’re going to start tattooing. The work you do now is 🔥🔥🔥🔥 so you already know that I’m so down to let you ink me when you feel ready brother!