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ZENERGY— Reconnect To Your Power

(8 week meditation coaching)

If you are interested in the (8 Week) 1-on-1 meditation coaching program— please see link below to register. After you register, you will receive a follow up email, which will include a calendar link for you to schedule in our first free “intro” call.

Registration is now OPEN

Are you ready to step into healing & transformation?

Do you feel like its time for a complete life transformation? Would you like to experience more happiness and peace from your life but really don’t know where to begin? Are you ready to learn more about yourself so that you can start living in full alignment? 

If you want it, you got it! 

And you don’t even have to go far to find it. You simply just have to go within. 

Because it’s when you go into your body, that you will be able to discover the truth of who you are. 

When you listen to what your body says…and really listen…. you’ll find that all along, you have the answers. YOU have the capability, to connect deeply within yourself, to shift your WHOLE life….

The Medicine is YOU. It Always Has Been, Always Will Be.

How often do you take time to acknowledge your own life? Your own thoughts? Your own feelings? Your own beliefs? Your own power? 

Where do you make your decisions from? Is it coming from you or is it coming from another source/person?

Do you listen to yourself or do you listen more to others? Do you care more about how others perceive or think about you? Or is your own happiness, peace of mind, and overall wellbeing more important to you? 

Or do you just feel stuck? 

Does the idea of connecting to yourself sound like something you’d love to do but somehow you can’t seem to figure out how. Would you love to get to a place where you’re living a life that’s true to you, but feel that you can use guidance? 

If you’ve been feeling stuck/blocked from experiencing the life you deserve, then Zenergy may be for you!

Zenergy — A path towards freedom 

Zenergy is a new 8 week (virtual) meditation coaching experience for self discovery & recovery where we will use meditation/meditative techniques & coaching to work through the blocks getting in the way of your ability to experience true happiness. 

This 8 week experience is designed to meet you where you are and aims to help you take action on the “next best step” towards building better habits, deepening your connection with yourself and others, and living a life that’s in full alignment to who you’re truly meant to be.

Throughout this experience, you will gain new insights & perspective, a variety of essential healing tools, techniques, & practices that you can use while on your path towards learning how to become more in love with all of who you are & the life you’re creating!

You are the ONLY person that holds the key to your happiness. 

Your life shifts when:

Your life can radically transform when you decide to get out of that harmful cycle of being, begin to recognize your autonomy & REALIZE just how amazing you actually are…

Zenergy offers the space, safety, & guidance needed to help you achieve the results you deserve!

When you choose to take back your power, you are choosing to honor the essence of your true nature. And in doing so, you are going to see a radical shift — and start to experience the beautiful, loving, playful, exciting, successful, joyful, happy life you know you innately deserve. 

Are you ready to experience zenergy and align your mind/body/soul to your truth? 

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What’s included —


Throughout, or by the end of this 8 week experience, you will have developed the skills/tool/ practices necessary to help you—

If you interested, and would like to take on the Zenergy experience, or if you’d like to learn more, then lets connect!

You can reach out via DM on social media or send me a PM to — info@thezenspace.org

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This decision is likely to change your life path in a positive, soul-nourishing way.

& truly, I look forward to connecting with you and serving you in your spiritual healing journey. 🙏

If you are interested, and feel that you are ready to open up the next chapter of your life, secure your spot & register now by clicking the link below.

To see if I’m the right fit for you — we can schedule a zoom call & chat for a FREE 30 min vibe-check.