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About The Founder

Victor L. Padilla

Certified Mindfulness Teacher & Spiritual Meditation Coach (MBSR)

H e l l o & W e l c o m e !

I’m Victor & I am the founder of the zen space.

If you’re here, I imagine you’re probably a lot like me…or rather a lot like “the old me.”

You may have went through something traumatic or maybe you went through a certain experience that got you now looking at yourself, your life & everything around you, differently.

And now you’re at a place in life where you feel yourself waking up to your truth but what you’re starting to uncover is causing you great discomfort.

Your vision of what you initially wanted out of life has shifted & what you have now is not what you want anymore. You no longer wish to go on living the way that you have been for so long.

You’re coming to this realization that most of your life was lived in a fog. You spent a great deal of time “living in & enjoying the moment,” but never stopped to think of a plan for tomorrow.

You never had any real goals or ambition. You were never really passionate about anything. You thought you’d just follow through with the plan society has constructed which was go to school, get a degree in something you “like”, get a 9-5 job, then you know…eventually die.

But your mindset is now starting to shift. Things in life are just hitting different now. The people, places, & things that you have always been familiarly involved in, no longer serve you. And the idea of allowing things to continue how it as been, scares the crap out of you.

You’re recognizing that SOMETHING has to change.

The thing is… you just don’t know what that really is or how you can even make a change happen.

So at this point, you feel stuck!

Because of all this uncertainty, you’re also feeling anxious, lost, alone, and confused.

You simply don’t feel the same anymore. You’re noticing that your mental health is starting to negatively effect you & so before things get any worst, you know you need to take action NOW.

You are in need of tools, a community of people who “get you,” or some guidance even, to help you while you try to make sense of what you’re going through.

And you’ve arrived to the right place —

I understand what it means to feel overwhelmed and/or paralyzed or frozen in the midst of challenging times. Or wanting to live more mindfully & creative, to cultivate a life actually worth living, but not really knowing where or how to begin.

It can leave you wondering if things will ever feel better again.

If you’re now waking up to life & starting to see that it isn’t all that you once thought it to be & you’re struggling to fully understand or accept even… then please understand YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

That is why I created this space; for where individuals can come together to not feel so alone. A place where you can go to feel a sense of human connection, community support, & mental clarity.

The New Me: Get to Know Victor

So at this point, you can probably draw an idea of the kind of person I used to be– A person who had experienced a sudden & abrupt awareness (or spiritual awakening) about reality that left him feeling dazed, lost & confused about himself & life at large.

That version of myself no longer resides here but really, it wasn’t too long ago that I was living in that state of mind. My shift, or awakening, began 11 years ago and I didn’t start to make any real sense of what I was experiencing until just about 6 years ago. (I’m 29 years old now, so if you like, you can work out the math).

My awakening alone wasn’t enough to change my life though.

I had so many questions I needed answers too, but no one around me could provide to me what I was seeking. I felt lost and alone. I struggled with my identity and sexuality and didn’t know how or what to feel about it. I developed deep sadness, health issues, & anxiety that lasted for way too long. I coped by distracting myself from myself—which was mostly through drinking & partying. And even though, I thought I was going crazy or that I was going to burn in hell forever for even daring to question everything I was once taught, the pain I was experiencing became too much to endure any longer, so I took action.

I had eventually decided to step towards discovering the whole truth, dedicating the past 11 years of my life to find enlightenment.

My pursuit for truth, reality, emptiness, peace, & self discovery is taking me through the depths of experiencing the world in a way I had never thought or imagined I’d be exploring ever before.

Aside from building up this community, I work in healthcare — mostly caring for the elderly in their homes. As well as, I’m currently in nursing school—with the intent to graduate in May 2022. And after taking on a 300 hr intensive meditation coaching training as well as mindfulness teacher training course, I am now also a certified spiritual meditation coach.

Feel free to follow my other social platforms below and get to learn more about me & what I’m doing for my community & the world.

If you would like to learn more about meditation coaching or are interested in setting up a quick call to see if meditation coaching is for you, reach out to me (in the chat box) & let’s talk. Or you can fill out & submit this form to me instead.